EME Deal Advisory Trusted Party Deal Advisory Services
Second phase of Japan Door is our Deal Advisory services module, where we help you get the deal over the finish line, and to get better terms and conditions
Management orientation
• We orientate your managers about Japanese thinking, deal scenarios and outcomes, etc.
• We collect background information on each partner candidate, market pricing, competitor reaction, etc.
• Recommendations about lawyers, accountants, auditors, and tax professionals
Deal Lead-in
• Maintaining momentum through to deal-close, after the EME relationships are made
• Servicing inevitable partner requests for more information (a Japanese trait)
• Identify gatekeepers, champions, decision makers, etc.
• If required, assist your partner candidate’s internal “Champion” to work up business models and presentations to be made to his/her own board, to sell the deal
Contract closing
  • Review proposals, contracts from business perspective
  • Behind-the-scenes communication to get distributor candidate across goal line
  • Troubleshooting if your partner candidate gets cold feet (a common problem)
Deal Follow-up
  • Providing point of contact in initial weeks after deal signing
  • Ensuring initial order and payment if this is part of deal
  • Hand off to your internal project team

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