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Third phase of Japan Door is our Trusted Party Services, which provide you with local representation and troubleshooting for both Licence-only and Joint Ventures
• Important means of managing risk on IP, inventory, reputation, unfair competition, insufficient partner effort, etc.
Licence-only focus
The simplest and quickest form of doing business in Japan is to allow a distributor or partner to take control of the product/service development, roll-out, sales, and support. This is a very attractive option for smaller companies, or for those who are in a hurry to launch in multiple markets. So as to ensure that the distributor/partner does what they say they will do, and not get distracted or disheartened, we offer the following services to help increase your presence alongside the distributor/partner, without getting in their way or going to the expense of having to send up some of your own staff to learn the Japan market.

  • Proxy, part-time in-country representation, Ideal for low-cost presence
  • Regular partner visits, regular end-customer visits, assisting with potential customer and reseller presentations, inter-company communications with partner, reviewing numbers, pushing for results, etc.
  • Ability to troubleshoot problems quickly and in your own language
Joint Venture focus
Joint ventures offer a lot more control over brand and sales activities, which can be especially important if your firm is larger and has a global best practice expectation. While large firms can afford to base a head office person at the joint venture, such people come with significant overheads, often in the region of hundreds of thousands of dollars if a family tags along with the employee. Therefore, a cheaper but nonetheless effective way to gain meaningful representation within the joint venture is to appoint a third party representative to help keep a watch over things. In addition, we offer supplementary services that a head office manager may need but because of no direct representation in Japan is unable to get adequate bilingual resources for. We are happy to take such ad hoc requests providing they are coupled with a longer term commitment as well.

  • Recommend we sit on board as non-executive director or advisor
  • Provide sales “push” for underperforming partner employees
  • Undertake your head office research requests
  • Advise you on understanding Japanese business practices and to screen partner requests that don’t seem right
  • Channel to provide extension services from the rest of the LINC Media group:
    Outsourcing, Recruiting, Back Office Systems, Tech Support, Software Development, Online and Offline Marketing
Own-company focus
The greatest level of control is to have your own company operations in Japan. Here you are likely to have already decided to make the investment and our services are targeted not at saving you having to hire staff (although we can outsource most types of positions), but rather to provide services that ensure that your operation is being run the way you want it to be. We have a strong track record of helping companies get started in Japan while keeping good risk management controls in place. These services include:

  • Serving as Managing Director (nominee or provisional contractor), while a Sales Manager if proving him/herself in order to eventually graduate to CEO position
  • Providing accounting services on outsourced basis as a means of monitoring performance and processes going on inside the company
  • Providing bilingual assistance to HR, Tax, and Compliance, so that the Japanese office can integrate with global reporting and head office mandates
  • Outsourcing certain international or bilingual positions in technology and marketing that require substantial interaction with head office

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